Main Event

Looking for registration? Sorry, we are sold out of kits but we would love fo you to participate along with us on this site. There’s a digital booklet as well as all our videos on this site, you will just have to supply your own materials.

We are so excited for you to start your Main Event Adventure!

Each day you will start out here! First things first, watch the daily video (click on the box with the day below) and follow along with the bright idea and Bible story in your notebook. After you’ve watched the video, spend some time worshiping through the songs on the website. We’d love to see videos of your whole family getting silly and having fun! Next, get started on some awesome activities! Each day there will be an Around-Town-Adventure that will get you out of the house and around our beautiful 5-cities! There will also be fun crafts, science experiments, recipes and other hands-on activities. Do as many as you’d like, in any order you’d like. Note: some of the Around-Town Adventures have some time constraints. Dive deeper! Each day there will be “More to Dive Into” and “Going Deeper” sections in your notebook.  These can be done as a family, or older kids can read and answer the questions themselves We are praying these sections will help kids apply the concepts we are learning each day. Pray! Finish your day praying together as a household. On the daily website there will be a daily family prayer practice video as well as some prayer activities to do together. 

Don’t forget to share! We want to see photos and videos of your adventures! Share them with us on the New Life Kids Facebook Group! (link below) You can also tag us (newlifepismo) on anything you post on Instagram and Facebook.