Rule of Life

We are constantly being shaped by culture and the world around us in subtle and subversive ways. The question is, “shaped into what?” Often, it’s not into the way of Jesus.

So, if our desire is to live fully alive by following the way of Jesus, we need to adopt the life of Jesus. We must, as He did, develop counter-formational rhythms and practices, greater than the force being exerted on us by culture if we are going to be formed into the way of Jesus. This is where a rule of life comes in.

A rule of life is a schedule and set of practices and relational rhythms that help us create space in our busy world to recognize that we are loved by Jesus, be shaped by Jesus, and do what he did. While the word “rule” may strike you as strict or constraining, the Latin word we translate “rule” was originally the word for a trellis in a vineyard. In the same way a vine needs a trellis to lift it off the ground so it can bear the maximum amount of fruit and keep free of predators and diseases, we need a rule as a kind of support structure to organize our life around “abiding in the vine,” as Jesus imagined.

So we invite you to join us in October for a 6-week workshop on Rule of Life. At the end of the class, you’ll leave with a personalized rule of life, which can be modified over time as life situations change. It’s been said that we achieve inner peace when our schedule is aligned with our values. A rule of life is simply a tool to that end. Rather than a rigid, legalistic to-do list, it’s a life-giving structure for freedom, growth, and joy. We hope you can join us this October as we continue to be shaped by Jesus through this practice.

WEDNESDAYS • 6pm • Starting October 6

For the rest of the family

During these 6-weeks, we’ll also be offering a super fun program for the kids to LAUNCH their faith, called Kids Club. You can register for Kids Club and/or childcare for the littles when you register for Rule of Life. We’ll also be having c-groups and midweek for students so the whole family can grow in their faith this fall!