Message: “Designed to Participate” from David Hutsko

David Hutsko - March 26, 2023

Designed to Participate

From Series: "Teach Us To Pray"

Prayer, although a foundational part of our faith, can sometimes feel lost, confusing, or even forced. Sometimes we ask ourselves, are we doing this right? In the middle of his sermon on the mount Jesus took time to advise anyone listening on HOW to pray. Jesus told us that we didn’t need to pray pretentiously or publicly or use flowery language. We simply need to come as we are and bring our humble hearts before him…after all, our Father knows our needs before we even speak them! Jesus then gave his followers a “prayer template” to help them (and us) commune with our Father. It is our hope that this prayer series would help you recognize God’s presence more clearly and draw you into a deeper relationship with him!

Sermon-based Study

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