Grow Beyond the Weekend

We are all being formed by something…and let’s be honest, an hour or two on Sundays just isn’t enough time to combat all the subversive ways that we are being shaped into the image of the things of this world. For that reason, we’ve curated and cultivated some tools to help you grow beyond the couple hours you are on campus (or watching online) each week. It’s our prayer that you would used these tools to be shaped more and more into the likeness of Christ!

Every Day Holy Prayer Walk

Pray through some of the everyday battles we face!


Memorize Ephesians 6:10-17

During this series we’re committing to memorize Ephesians 6:10-17…one verse per week. Be sure to pick up a memorization card to help you or download some lock screens below. You can add these images as the background of your phone so it’s what you see every time you look at your screen (10,234 times a day. jk) Images have just the first letter of each word of the verse to help you along in the process of memorizing.




WEEK Three