Grow Beyond the Weekend

We are all being formed by something…and let’s be honest, an hour or two on Sundays just isn’t enough time to combat all the subversive ways that we are being shaped into the image of the things of this world. For that reason, we’ve curated and cultivated some tools to help you grow beyond the couple hours you are on campus (or watching online) each week. It’s our prayer that you would used these tools to be shaped more and more into the likeness of Christ!

Proverbs Reading Plan

For the month of November, we are challenging you to read through the book of Proverbs, which works out to one chapter per day. We encourage you to use the Bible Project Plan in the YouVersion Bible App. It will help you stay on track, send you reminders, and provide additional devotionals and videos to help you along the way!

Gratitude Journal

I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart;
    I will sing your praises before the gods.
Psalm 138:1

As we work our way through Proverbs, let’s be intentional about giving our thanks back to the Lord. We’ve provided a daily Gratitude Journal for you to keep your heart grateful in the month of October. It also has space to record all the things God is speaking to you through your daily reading of Proverbs. You can pick up a Gratitude Journal on Sundays at Connection Centrals or download a digital copy below.

Bible Journaling Materials

Our Bible Journaling Group is a group of people who love to creatively interact with God’s Word. If you haven’t connected with them on Facebook, it’s a great place to connect and share ideas. For each series, we are providing some printable tools to enhance your time in the scriptures.  There are fun cutouts, Bible tabs, notes cards, traceable, and more! You can pick up hard copies on Sundays at Connection Centrals.