Generosity Why

There is no greater investment than to give back what Jesus gave us.


Did you know Jesus talked more about money than virtually any other subject in the Bible? He said, “Where your treasure is, your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). That means we declare something to be truly important when we invest our money in it.

At New Life we are always striving to live openhandedly. We believe that as individuals and as an organization as a whole. We view money as a tool to help accomplish God’s will here on Earth. After all, everything was His to begin with; we are merely money managers. Here are a few beliefs we have about giving, money, and generosity.


Generosity is counter-cultural

Everyday we are bombarded with messages telling us to acquire more, spend more, earn more. The world around us values status and security; it is for that reason generosity can be scary at first. It can be our natural inclination to hold tightly to the resources we have. However, God calls us to behave differently. The only way to truly combat the selfishness and greed around us is to consistently practice generosity.


Generosity is faith-growing

Giving demonstrates our faith that the God who has provided for us in the past will provide for us in the future. It’s the opposite of fear. Fearful people hang on with white-knuckles to anything they can get. Faithful people see everything in life as a gift from God – including their money. Every time we open our hands in generosity, we are saying to God, “This is yours anyway – please use it for your purposes.”


Generosity is personal

While we do receive an offering during our weekend services, you will never be pressured to give – especially if you are a visitor. No guilt trips. No squeezing.  New Life is supported financially by people who have cheerfully chosen to make it their church home, believe in our mission and ministry, and want to be a part of what God is doing here. Giving is a form of worship, not torture.


Generosity is relative

God is after our hearts, not our wallets. Therefore, it is never about the amount. Jesus explains this so beautifully while praising a poor widow for her radical generosity in Mark 12:41-44.


Generosity is Modeled

At New Life we are committed to full financial integrity. We are glad to share our financial data with anyone who asks. In fact, each year we publish a financial report that details how our funds are allocated.

Here’s the most current report