Deeply Rooted Week 8

The holidays are drawing near. Some of us will open up the china cabinet and break out that special set of dishes used only at Christmas. My in-laws had a set of Spode Christmas China. Each one had the iconic Spode Christmas Tree. From the gravy boat to the salad plates each piece was set aside for a very special purpose; it was sanctified dinnerware. That’s what sanctified means; set apart for a particular, special purpose. That’s what God wants for us. To be set apart to serve a particular purpose, to do what God calls you to do; to serve Him.

Along with being sanctified for God’s purposes, we want to be all in for God. We don’t want our hearts to be filled with a little bit of God and a little bit of something else. We want to be pure, and unmixed in our love for God alone. That is what it means to be holy; pure and unmixed.

But becoming holy and sanctified is a process. We prepare the soil of our hearts, and God produces the fruit of a life set apart, sanctified for His purposes. This is the evidence of our unmixed love, the fruit of the spirit we find in Galatians 5:22-25.


[RUMINATE: to chew on, ponder, or meditate on]