Indoor Services Option Soon

Indoor Service Option soon

As you may have heard, San Luis Obispo County has been moved into the red tier of the Covid recovery process. This is great news to know that we are moving in the right direction! It also means that some restrictions will be lifted for many of our local industries. At New Life, we’ve decided to add an indoor option to our weekend services in October. We are still working out a lot of the details and will be sharing more information this weekend on our plans moving forward. So, stay tuned! As you can imagine, adding services and venues means we will have more opportunities for serving! We would love to get you plugged in with our weekend adult ministries (ushering, greeting, etc) or our KidsMin services. If you’re interested email or Thanks so much for doing your part to keep our community healthy and for being flexible as things are always changing! Grateful to be on this journey with you!

Indoor/Outdoor Services

It has been a long 17 weeks since our last indoor service; however, God has been active and present in our midst even during these extraordinary circumstances. We are so excited to be able to open the doors to our buildings once again! As we take these new steps towards regular indoor services we would LOVE your help and support so we can keep moving forward in a way that keeps us healthy and shows love to our community. First we ask that you read through this page to make sure you know exactly how this will all work! Second, we want you to know that we understand that this is wonky and awkward and not normal…we are right there with you! However, we are willing to put in the extra work and take the extra steps so we can continue to gather as the people of God and lift up the name of Jesus together!

Our first indoor/outdoor services will be July 5 at 9am + 11:30am