Indoor/Outdoor Services

It has been a long 17 weeks since our last indoor service; however, God has been active and present in our midst even during these extraordinary circumstances. We are so excited to be able to open the doors to our buildings once again! As we take these new steps towards regular indoor services we would LOVE your help and support so we can keep moving forward in a way that keeps us healthy and shows love to our community. First we ask that you read through this page to make sure you know exactly how this will all work! Second, we want you to know that we understand that this is wonky and awkward and not normal…we are right there with you! However, we are willing to put in the extra work and take the extra steps so we can continue to gather as the people of God and lift up the name of Jesus together!

indoor/outdoor services will be Sundays at 9am + 11:30am


reserve seats starting on Mondays each week

• Service times will be Sunday at 9am + 11:30am (please note the change)
• We will have 2 venues to choose from
• Seats must be reserved in advance
• Childcare will be available for kids aged birth through incoming 1st graders. (registration required)
• We will be adhering to the most recent health and safety guidelines for San Luis Obispo County.
• We will be live-streaming our services at 9am and 11:30am. If you aren’t ready to attend an in-person service yet, that is totally ok! We hope you will join us online each week!
• It will be very helpful to download the New Life App if you haven’t already. Bible verses, announcements, giving and interactive elements will be available there. We will not be passing out papers or passing baskets. (There will be generosity baskets available as you leave) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

As we begin to regather indoors, these are the service times that we are choosing to start with. As with everything these days, we have to be ok with being fast and fluid. As we gain more knowledge and experience about what our community is ready for, we may add more services or change the times in the future. Thanks for being supportive of our leadership as we are making these decisions. Services will only be 1 hour.

Services will be 9am + 11:30am

Please note the later service time. We’ve had to increase time between services to allow for cleaning as well as giving ample time for first service to clear out before folks show up for the second service.

Here’s what you need to know to get from your car to your seat!


You can park in the main church parking lot as well as on the street. There will be NO PARKING in the Post Office Lot. In addition, parking adjacent to the Life Center will be mostly unavailable except for a few spots for seniors and those with disabilities.

After you leave your car

As we try to reduce cross-traffic and confusion over our different venues, we are asking everyone to enter through the Life Center area parking lot. We are limiting auto access to give ample room for social distance. We will open doors a half hour before service times to give time to seat people. Please don’t show up prior to a half hour early unless you have been asked to. If you are dropping off kiddos, you will drop them off in front of the KidMin office prior to heading over to the area in front of the Life Center.

Look for signs and helpful ushers

We hope things will be clear for you with lots of signage and happy helpers. In the Worship Center, ushers will direct you and seat you based on household size. We’ll fill the auditorium from front to back and dismiss from back to front.


We will be doing everything we can to make each venue welcoming, interactive, and conducive for meeting with the Holy Spirit in a real and powerful way. Each venue will have a host, opportunities for participation, and a chance to see some familiar and missed faces!

Worship Center:

We can’t wait to welcome you back into our auditorium! Following county guidelines, we will only be able to have 100 people seated in the auditorium each service. In order to maintain our healthy 6 feet minimum distance, ushers will be seating you. It will translate to 2 empty rows in between households and three empty seats within the rows between households. Choose the Worship Center venue if you’ll be attending the service with a household party of 1-6 people, you’re comfortable being indoors with 100 people, and you’re willing to wear a mask.

The Patio:

The patio is a great option for viewing and participating in the service. We’ll have a brand new easily visible outdoor screen and you can’t beat worshiping outdoors! If you choose this venue, be sure to bring your own chairs or blankets, as well as things like sunscreen and sweaters. We’ll have you spread out on the grassy hill as well as on the patio itself.  Choose the Patio venue if you don’t want to wear a mask and/or you love enjoying the Central Coast weather. Also a great option for families with kids!


We can’t wait to see all our sweet kiddos smiling faces! For now, we are starting with offering childcare for kids ages birth through incoming 1st graders. Kids entering 2nd grade and up will need to stay with their household groups during service. Sitting outside on the patio or at a table in the Life Center might be the best option for families with kids. We will have some interactive elements on our App for kids to participate during the service. You will check your kids in by the KidsMin office prior to heading over the the Life Center area and your chosen venue. A note about masks: As it is right now, kids will not be required to wear a mask, although our staff and volunteers will be masked. If you feel more comfortable having your kid wearing a mask, we welcome that! These regulations might change for some of our older kids, so check back here and/or bring a mask for your child just in case. You can register for childcare when you reserve your seats using the button at the top of the page.

First of all, more than anything, we want you to hear our heart. We do not take these precautions out of fear or out of any other motivation other than love for our neighbor. We are a diverse church with all different opinions and levels of comfort when it comes to regathering. We thank you so much for your support and understanding as we navigate these murky times. New Life has always seen ourselves as a community church. We are FOR the Central Coast and one of our highest goals is that our services would be a source of hope and healing, not only for our attenders but also for our whole community. Our county officials have been so gracious in helping us and encouraging us to regather. We want to honor and respect their graciousness by making sure we are responsible and respectful neighbors. For that reason, we ask for all who attend to do so with love for our community in mind. We know these precautions are inconvenient, but we ask that you respect the social distancing guidelines in place and be courteous by wearing a mask indoors. We want to do our part to protect the health and safety of our community. In the grand scheme of things, these are small sacrifices to make if it ensures we can keep moving forward in our regathering as the people of God.