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    By Richard Palmquist richardpalmquist@gmail.com

    People live
    And people die,
    As all of us
    Wonder why.

    But life goes on
    And some have fun.
    We even sometimes
    Skip and run.

    When COVID passes
    New normal comes
    From which we wonder
    Should we run?

    Abnormal normal
    A change beyond range
    Of life long ago —
    Seems so strange.

    We learned in grade school
    We, under God, are in charge
    Of our lives. No dictator
    Would take that away.

    But the virus infected
    The Constitution,
    So now we bow,
    Cow tow to the Imperial,

    Once our inferior,
    Servant government,
    We controlled.

    Roman 13 teaches us to obey
    Caesar. When the United States
    was founded our Caesar became
    “We the People.”
    Will we in this crisis insist that
    we obey our Caesar-selves and cause
    government to restrain itself?

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