Encouragement Crew


We have made it our mission to bring a bit more sunshine into people’s lives! We love to celebrate all the joyous moments together as well as help to lift one another up when life throws us some unexpected circumstances. More than anything, we want you to know that whatever you are going through…whether it be amazing or disheartening…that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Below you’ll see some ways that you can help brighten someone’s day as well as let us know how we can add some some sunshine to your day!

It’s not necessarily a “corner” per-say….but it is a sweet little spot in our lobby where you can find some sunshine! On the wall just outside the center auditorium doors you’ll find some hand-written cards. Each card has been prayed over and written with a specific purpose. We’d love for you to take one for yourself or someone you know who could use a little light and kind words. We encourage you to stop by often as we are always adding fresh cards and they change often.

We would LOVE to hear about ways we can spread a little joy to you or to someone you know! Use the form below to tell us about it. Please don’t hesitate to fill it out for yourself! There should be no awkwardness in letting your church family know that you could use a little support. We love you and we’re here for you!

You can be a part of the team that helps to spread joy and light and sunshine all over the Central Coast! From writing cards to making deliveries to baking goodies and more…there’s a spot for you on you crew!