We are so glad that you’ve chosen to join us this Advent season as we focus our hearts on Jesus and look with anticipation to Christmas morning, when we celebrate Emmanuel, God with us. Each year on Christmas, the Church celebrates that, in Jesus Christ, God has heard the world’s cries and has sent a king, a prophet, a savior to redeem creation and to bring us out of exile and back to Himself.  But what about Advent, (the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas)? What should followers of Jesus be doing during this season? In Advent, God’s people spend time intentionally residing in the in-between. The world’s true King has already come. If anyone is in Christ, their exile is over. However, the reign of the King has not yet come in all its fullness, which means time reminiscent of exile still persist. Things are not yet the way they are supposed to be. And so we wait. But we do not wait aimlessly or hopelessly. Rather, we wait actively…like a parent preparing for the coming of a child, making sure everything at home is ready for the coming arrival.

So this season, we are going to actively wait…together. Advent begins Sunday, December 3rd.

We will send 2 – 3 texts weekly. Each Sunday of Advent we will release a video you can watch at home as you light your Advent candles.

You do not need our kit to observe Advent, but you will need Advent candles to light at home.

To receive the link each week just text “Advent23” to 805.979.2003 or click on the boxes below.



As we wait, we rest in God’s promises of hope, joy, peace, and love. To help make this Advent season meaningful. We preparing Advent boxes full of great resources, traditions, and fun! In each there will be devotionals, family discussion guides, ornaments, advent candles, and more!

If you purchased an Advent box you can use it to follow along each week. If not, find a candle to light with us and use the scripture and questions to reflect on the theme of Advent each week.