KidsMin Update 8.12.21

KidsMin Update from Dana Hutsko, KidsMIn Director

Hello everyone, I just wanted to touch base and let you know some of the changes that we have been making in Kids Min this week. We all know that children under 12 are not able to get vaccinated and COVID has been spreading pretty rapidly in this age group in recent weeks. So, because we know the numbers are going up, we are keeping an eye on how we can best keep our kiddos healthy each and every Sunday:) Most of you know that I am not only the Kids Min Director at New Life but I am also a Medical Assistant at Bravo Pediatrics. Therefore, I am constantly in touch with not only pediatricians but also health departments and others working on Covid prevention options. I have seen first-hand the rapid uptick in pediatric COVID cases in our local community.  Before Covid was ever a factor, Kids Min’s goal was, and always will be…Creating a safe and inviting environment where parents will feel comfortable leaving their children so we can create fun and exciting ways to learn about Jesus! So, we have been continually working on ways to make sure we can offer a safe environment where we can fulfill this goal. I am so grateful for and impressed by the support and flexibility from our New Life families and teachers as we’ve continually tried new things and pivoted time and time again! So I want to thank you for that as well as ask for your continual prayer and support!

Even as case numbers continue to rise in our community, when it comes to children, we think the most important goal is to do what we can to keep our kiddos in school (and Sunday Kids Min)! The overwhelming responses we have heard from our families is that COVID has brought stress on the family by kids not being in school… causing 1) parents being unable to go to work, 2) kids not getting social interaction with their peers, and 3) the stress of daily uncertainty and lack of consistency that a typical school routine seems to bring. Obviously, there are many other ways that COVID has impacted our families… this just was the majority answer we have received. At New Life Kids, we want to do our part to help keep our kids in school, which means making some changes to our Sunday Kids Min structure in order to keep our kids (and teachers) healthy.

So, what are our next steps?

I have decided the best way for us to do this is to try to focus more on our NEEDS and less on our WANTS! We did this same thing with Main Event this year. When we decided to hold Main Event entirely outside, we knew it would mean sacrificing some of the bells and whistles and comfort of being indoors with all the technology available to us. We had to think outside the box and strip some things down…but you know what we observed? Kids STILL had an amazing time and learned so much about Jesus! With this being said, we do know it is safer for the kids to be outside together verses inside. Plus, when we are outside, we have the ability to let families make decisions when it comes to face-coverings for their children. We also acknowledge that for teaching, it is much easier to do it inside in a more controlled environment and with the perks of using technology. However, as we learned through Main Event, being outside verse inside does NOT hinder our ability to love on the kids and to instill our core values, which are… teaching them that they are Loved by Jesus, creating ways for them to be Shaped by Jesus, and equipping them to Do what Jesus Did! 

So here is the plan. Right now our amazing staff and Kings Crew has been planning and working on creating us shaded outdoor classroom spaces. This will be finished and ready to launch the following Sunday, August 22nd. We are putting together a 12-week fun fall curriculum unit that will have the kids excited to come to their new space and hear about God and His love for them. There will be music, skits, Bible teaching and activities that help them with life application so that they can learn to incorporate what they learn in the Bible to their everyday lives! We are excited to see how God is going to use these next 12 weeks to grow the kids in their faith!

Details you need to be aware of… 

STARTING AUGUST 22ND, ALL KIDS, meaning babies through 6th grade, will be checked in by the Life Center parking lot by the BBQ pit. You won’t be able to miss the Check-In tent:) The lower cross parking lot will be blocked off and there will be designated classrooms for Preschool-1st, 2nd-4th, and our older and wiser 5th-6th graders! Our two and under crew will still be inside, BUT we are creating an area inside of the Life Center where there is plenty of room to spread out and lots of doors and windows to keep air flow moving. We will also have the outside gated area available by the patio for families that want to keep their little with them and they can have room to walk and play while parents are still able to watch service on the Patio.

Last IMPORTANT info for THIS SUNDAY 8/15…

This will be our last week inside before we start our Fall Outdoor Adventure! So, we are asking that all our kids and teachers that are physically able, to please wear a face-covering while inside this week.

Thank you all again for your time as well as your flexibility!! I know this was a lot of information but thank you for your support!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thanks again,

Dana Hutsko

Kids Min Director