Women’s Christmas Breakfast

This year our Women’s Christmas Breakfast will be held in ladies’ homes all over the Central Coast. Together we’ll share a delicious meal, watch a short video, and discuss how we are finding joy during this season. We have a few different options for how you can participate this year! First, you can choose to host at your home and invite other ladies/family that you’ve been doing life with during this Covid season. Second, you can choose to watch with your quaran-team at one of their homes. Third, you can choose to host a group on Zoom. Finally, you can choose to join an existing group on zoom. We know things are a little weird this year, and as much as we’d LOVE to share a Christmas meal with hundreds of you beautiful ladies, we know that’s not the wisest option this year. We are also confident that by opening up our homes and engaging in meaningful conversation in groups of just a few people, God is going to open hearts and form stronger relationships between the women of New Life. We’ve also been compiling recipes and other resources like decorations and invitations to help you make this morning awesome! Click on the resources button to access them and find the perfect recipe to make!

Saturday, December 12th
in homes + on zoom

Help us keep our community healthy by making wise decisions as we gather: As you are considering who to invite, or where to watch, we ask that you do your best to follow the health guidelines given to us by our county health officials. Watch with those who are already in your Covid-bubble. Please practice good social distancing and consider eating outside. Local health guidelines limit gatherings to individuals from no more than 3 households, gathering outside as much as possible and wearing masks indoors or when within 6 feet of each other. Thanks for doing your part!