When Jesus wanted to convey his message in a compelling and relatable way, he often used the power of story. By using illustrations and parables like “the prodigal son,” suddenly Jesus’ message of grace, forgiveness and freedom became more tangible and real to those who were listening. At New Life, we believe that God is continuing his work as a master storyteller by authoring our individual, unique stories. Oftentimes, we can examine the story of our life and see it as an isolated, unrelated narrative. However, when we start to share our experiences with others, and listen to how God is working in those around us, we can start to see how God is weaving together our unique paths into one, beautiful, intricate tapestry, full of themes of redemption, restoration, grace, and truth.

YOUR STORY MATTERS. You have a voice and a unique chapter to tell. We would love to hear about how God is working in your life! Use the form below to share with us what God is doing in and through you.

We look forward to reading your story and seeing how it fits into the grand narrative that God is writing on Earth!