Spread the Love As You Go

Here is a list of ideas for you to do as you go about your day to help spread love to our community! Feel free to come up with your own ideas as well. We would encourage you to spend your first few moments of the day in prayer, asking God to put in your path people who could use a little love and kindness. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with compassion and give you eyes to see those around you. We would LOVE to see how you’ve been spreading love during this season. If you post a photo on social media use the hashtag #NLSpreadTheLove so we can all see how God is using each other to transform our communities!

Love your Community

• Pay for person behind you at the Drive Thru
• Write Encouraging notes for strangers to find
• Pay someone a compliment
• Text a friend to say you’re thinking of them
• Bring a treat to share with your coworkers
• Let someone merge into your lane of traffic
• Let someone in front of you in line
• Stop at a child’s lemonade stand
• Return a shopping cart to its proper place
• Tell someone how they have impacted your life
• Volunteer at a local charity, like South County People’s Kitchen
• Mail cards to a Retirement home
• Tell someone why they are special to you
• Surprise someone with candy
• Deliver someone coffee, or their favorite drink today
• Leave a note for your mail carrier or delivery person
• Send someone a small gift anonymously
• Donate an extra dollar to the next tip jar you see
• Donate items to a local charity or thrift store
• Tip your restaurant server generously
• Pick up the tab
• Make a donation to a cause you believe in
• Babysit for a single mom for free
• Send a card to someone serving in the military
• Give a stranger a gift card for a local food or drink place
• Smile at everyone you see all day
• Volunteer at the animal shelter
• Send someone flowers
• Send a note to a Teacher you know letting them know you appreciate them
• Pick up liter on the beach
• Tell a coworker what you appreciate about them
• Call or write a family member or friend, and list the things you love above them

Love On Social Media

• Post something beautiful.
• Post something Encouraging.
• Highlight someone you look up to.
• Follow people who inspire you.
• Be generous with your likes.
• Leave kind, genuine comments.
• Tell someone something nice.
• Try to make someone laugh.
• Leave a nice comment on a blog


Love Your Neighbor

• Help someone carrying a lot of groceries
• Bring flowers to your neighbor
• Write encouraging notes for your neighbors to find
• Bring in a neighbors trash bins
• Freely offer up your skills to help a neighbor out
• Introduce yourself to a neighbor you have yet to meet
• Do an unexpected chore
• Smile everytime you see your neighbor
• Wave and say Hello to your neighbors
• Deliver a treat to your neighbors
• Offer to babysit for a neighbor for free
• Offer to mow your neighbors yard

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