Revelation Wellness


RevWell is a fun high energy class designed to get you moving, build strength, and connect you to a supportive, encouraging community. RevWell is a great place to work up a sweat and care for the body God gave you!

Revelation Wellness® Meet Up on September 29th!

We extend an invitation to any daughter of the King,  ages 12 and up. Before we were friends, sisters, wives, mothers; we were daughters. This event will be an opportunity to learn more about Revelation Wellness®, and to engage in worship, Biblical teaching, and joyful movement. Come join me as we renew our HOPE, increase our FAITH, and get filled with God’s LOVE.

SATURDAY, SEPT 29 | 9:00-NOON | Vertex Auditorium
Registration required– click here Your host is Melanie Borum.

  • This event is FREE!  Call Melanie with questions 805-489-3254 x 603 . Bring a yoga mat or beach towel.
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