Week 3

Creation & the Mission of God


How is our interpretation of the creation story in Genesis 1 deepened when we consider its ancient historical and cultural context? In this Bible commentary video, we look at how the literary design of Genesis 1 reveals God’s ideal vision for the whole cosmos. !



In the “Invitation” Book, read Chapter 2:

• Day 1: God Creates the heavens & the earth
• Day 2: The Shape of Creation
• Day 3: Humanity & the image of God
• Day 4: The Gift of sabbath
• Day 5: Jesus & the New Creation

In the Bible read:

• Genesis 1-2
• John 1:1-18
• 2 Corinthians 5:16-21



Questions for journaling or discussing with a friend or group:

• How did reading through this chapter of the Invitation change the way you saw creation, humanity, Jesus coming to earth?

•  How do you think or feel about the reality that the Creator God desired to know you?

• Is our world still “very good” today? Why or why not?

• According to Genesis 1-2, what does it mean to be human? How does our culture’s view of humanity contrast with the biblical view?

• “God creates humanity to serve as a missional community that reflects his character to the rest of creation. As we seek to realign with God, we must take seriously this mission, community, and character.” How are you answering this call?

• Have you considered Sabbath as the CLIMAX of creation? “Rest is not a means to some end; rest is the end.” What profound truth does this say about the “meaning of life?”

• How would you need to change in order to embrace a real Sabbath in your life?

• In the beginning, God “SPOKE” creation into existence. Then John calls Jesus “THE WORD”, linking Jesus the Messiah with God’s creative act. How does envisioning Jesus as the agent of creation in the beginning, reframe how you think about becoming a NEW CREATION in Christ? (2 Corinthians 5:16-21)

• How does Jesus’ mission relate to God’s original creation?