mothers day

At New Life, we love to take ANY opportunity to celebrate the amazing women who are in our lives! More than ever, ALL of our ladies (mothers or not) deserve to be cheered on, encouraged, and applauded! This year is going to look a little different but it is still going to be a special time of fun, laughter, and festivity! Here’s the ways we’d love to appreciate you this year:

Drive-thru celebration

All women are invited to drive through our church parking lot for a fun stay-in-your-car party. We’ll have a gift for you, a chance to say hello face-to-face (from a safe distance), and maybe even a dance party in your car. All women are encouraged to stop by anytime between 1pm-3pm. A couple things to note in order for things to flow, and remain safe: You will enter through the post-office side on Crest Street, drive-thru and exit onto Summit Street. There is no need to register for the drive-thru celebration, just come on by!

Free Porch Photos

What better way to document this wild time than a Mother’s Day family portrait on your porch?! Wear your jammies, or your best spring outfits..totally up to you! Please register by Thursday, May 7 so our photographers can make sure we can fit everyone in. Once you register, one of our photographers will contact you with a time window for your photos (most will be on Saturday, with some maybe falling on Friday or Sunday, depending on demand) Sorry we are no longer taking requests. But you can join us at the drive through event in the parking lot.

Special Deliveries

If you or someone you love is unable or uncomfortable leaving the house at this time, we want to make sure they are still celebrated!Thanks to all who signed up – we are no longer taking requests.