Lucia Mar Update


Below is a letter from the staff at  FIT (Families in Transition) for Lucia Mar School District:

Thank you just is not enough!

November of 2017: Families in Transitions (FIT) staff head over to New Life Church to pick up some Blessing Bags, we walk into the hall and there are about 50 women stuffing bags with goodies for Lucia Mar Unified School District (LMUSD), FIT students. The bags are decorated with pumpkins and other decals. We picked up bags for every FIT student at our 11 Elementary schools in LMUSD. We met Pastor David today he asked, what is the greatest need we see? Our first response was housing and since at this time there is nothing we can do about housing we said, shoes for our FIT students.

January 2018: We begin receiving checks for shoes for FIT student from New Life after Pastor David shared the need we suggested with his congregation. New Life members donated $20,000 plus for FIT to be able to buy shoes for LMUSD FIT students. In August we had about 6 volunteers from New Life and they helped us pass out shoes to about 400 students to begin the school year. During the school year, many continued conversations with Pastor David and his office staff about what the needs are. We mentioned gift cards, gift cards allow families to do what they wish for the holidays, and especially food gift cards this allows families to buy food for a holiday meal.

December 2018: New Life built a “WONDER” wall of lights and for the money and gift cards donated, they would light up a light in each letter, the church had a goal of $10,000. The wall of Wonder had to have extra lights added to it due to the extreme generosity of the members of New Life. Literally in 10 days’ time we received $30,000 plus in gift cards and cash to give to our FIT students and their families to help celebrate the holidays.

In one year’s time we have received over $50,000 from New Life Church and its members!

Thank you just is not enough!

This is the largest donation Families in Transition has ever received! This is the largest amount of gift cards Families in Transitions has ever received! Due to these generous donations, Families in Transitions were able to assist more families than ever before. With these donations, FIT staff have been able to provide:


400+ students with shoes

300+ students with Christmas gift cards

90+ families with Holiday Food Gift cards

2 families with car repairs, which the cars are also their homes.



Due to the generosity of the members of New Life Church, inspiration of Pastor David and support of the New Life Office Staff we are continuing to support and assist LMUSD FIT students.