We are so excited that you have chosen to read through the book of John with us! Time spent in the Word of God is never time wasted and we look forward to seeing how God uses your intentional time with him to shift your perspective and recenter your heart. If you’ve been walking with Jesus for a while, chances are you’ve already read through the book of John before. However, the beauty of John’s words is that they are one of the best starting points in our faiths, as well as the place to return to again and again and again to remind us that Jesus is who he said he is and that ultimately we may believe and have life!

We are sure you could sit down and read all through the book of John in one sitting (#powerreader). However, that’s really not the point of this journey. Our desire is that you wouldn’t simply read for information, but rather for FORMATION. We are constantly being formed by so many different external forces (social media, Netflix, friends and family, music, etc) mostly without our consent. Is it any wonder that we don’t see the transformation we want to see when we only spend an hour and a half with God each week attending church? It is our hope and prayer that through your time in John that you would move the needle a little more in your journey to becoming FULLY ALIVE in Jesus.

So what are we waiting for?! Let’s get started!

Okay okay, We tricked you. BEFORE you get started, we highly recommend that you watch this 8 minute video from the Bible Project that will help bring some clarity and overview of the first half of John.