KidsMin Check-in

Service Times

Saturday, 6pm :: newborns through 5 years old

Sunday, 9am and 11am :: newborns through 6th grade


Check In

Every child must be checked in and out by an adult (or a sibling who is in 7th grade or higher). Upon check in, the adult will receive a unique code that is required to pick up your child.

On Saturday night, check in directly at your child’s room.

On Sunday morning, we have two locations for check in: Education Building (room 16) and the Life Center. All ages can be checked in at either location.


Class Rooms

(effective 6/10/18)

Saturday, 6pm

Newborn-2 years old             Room 5 (check in here)

3-5 years old                            Room 2 (check in here)

Sunday, 9am and 11am

Newborn/Crawlers             Room 3

Early Walkers                      Room 4

2’s                                           Room 5

3’s                                           Room 1

4’s/Pre-K                               Room 2

Kindergarten:                       Room 14

1st – 4th grade                      Life Center

5th grade                               LC-2 (Life Center)

6th grade                              LC-1 (Life Center)