Galatians Week 11

Galatians | Week 11


Recently we planted some strawberries in our backyard…and so far they are still clinging to life. But a lot of of them are starting look pretty bad. We have tasked my 6 year old with remembering to water them…so that probably explains some of it. When I was watching him water the plants he was very carefully watering each individual strawberry instead of the soil and the plant itself. I may not have a green thumb but I do know that the water needs to come up through the roots. Maybe if I learned more about agriculture, I would understand more about how God works in and through our hearts because the Bible is FULL of farming metaphors. And that is where we find ourselves this week…in probably the most recognizable passage of Galatians…the fruit of the spirit. When it comes to our Christian faith, like my son, we become so focused on the fruit. We WILL ourselves to be more patient with our children or we somehow think that if we just try harder we will become more peaceful or joyful. But Paul is saying that thinking is basically like looking at a big lemon tree and only watering the actual lemon. The fruit is simply a byproduct of a healthy plant. We are simply the Branch connected to the Vine, being cared for by the Gardener. All the Branch has to do to produce fruit is to stay connected.

Once they are picked, there is no hope for my withered strawberries because they have been disconnected from the source of life. No matter how hard the severed little branch tries, it will never produce good healthy fruit. The same is true for our lives. Paul says when we stay connected to Jesus, when we live a life filled with the Holy Spirit, fruit is the byproduct. The fruit we are producing in our lives is basically just a thermometer to show the health of our relationship with Jesus.


Weekly Challenge

This week let’s take a deeper look at our lives. Take an inventory of the fruit you are producing. The words we are saying, the tone in which we are saying them, the way we are treating our families. How peaceful are you? Are you harsh, stressed, and irritable? Hopefully as we examine our lives and start to be a little more mindful of remaining connected to the source of life, we will start to look more like the healthy fruit God desires us to produce.


Questions for Reflection

  • When you read through the list of the fruit of the spirit, do you feel that you may not be producing the fruit you should?
  • Are there areas of your life where you have settled for a temporal, quick fix solution, rather than submitting to God’s leading?
  • When you experienced that tension between submitting to God’s control versus following your own desires, what do you find sets you up for success, or failure, in making these choices between flesh and spirit?
  • What are some ways you can prepare yourself so that God can produce fruit in you?

Further Study

Read John chapter 15 verses 1 – 11. In this passage Jesus himself explains what we must do to produce good fruit. Look for the importance of abiding and the reasons Jesus wants us to abide.

The Vine and the Banches