Flourish FAQ

How long will this campaign last?

We are anticipating the building/construction projects to last for about 3 years and will be done in 3-4 phases. However, the giving portion of the campaign will only go through December 2026, about 2.5 years.

When will construction begin?

As will all construction projects, progress is determined by a lot of factors including permits. We are hopeful that we can begin the first phase of construction in Fall 2024.

What is the difference between a pledge and a gift?

A pledge is a promise to give over the whole course of the campaign. It is the sum of all gifts you plan to give. A pledge doesn’t actually make a donation, it’s simply a promise. A gift is an actual financial donation that can be given online and taken from a bank account or a credit card, or can be given via cash or check.

How can I give stocks?

If you would like to donate stocks to our campaign please contact our office and we will give you the specific information for delivery of your gift to our Raymond James Broker.

How can I pledge and/or give?

Visit the Flourish Pledge page for all the information you’ll need to make a pledge and/or start contributing to the campaign.

Can I change my pledge after I make it?

Yes, and no. 🙂 Unfortunately, an online pledge cannot be modified by the user after it has been made. However, if your circumstances change and you wish to change your pledge amount, our financial staff can do that for you if you call the office. Keep in mind, you can ALWAYS update your GIVING information and change the amount of your recurring gifts by logging into your pushpay account and making changes.

Will my recurring gift end when the campaign finishes in December 2026?

Yes, and no. 🙂 It depends on how you initially set up your recurring gift. If you set up the recurring gift at the same time you made your online pledge OR if you set it up through your pledge progress page, YES, your recurring gift will automatically end when the campaign finishes. If you set up the recurring gift in the general New Life giving portal and selected “flourish” in the drop-down menu, there is no specific end date attached to those gifts. You can log in and modify your giving at any time. In addition, when the campaign ends, our team will send out communication to anyone without a giving end-date letting them know the campaign period has ended and helping them to transfer or discontinue their recurring flourish gift.

If I made a donation before I was able to make a pledge will that gift be reflected in my pledge progress once I make a pledge?

Yes, as long as you pledge and give under the same account, all gifts will be reflected in your pledge progress.

How can I see my/our pledge progress?

When you log into your pushpay account you will be able to see your progress when you click on “campaigns”. You can also make gifts toward your pledge from that page and set-up change your recurring gifts. Unfortunately, the campaign info is only accessible through a web browser and not directly through the New Life App.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see our church’s progress as a whole through your personal campaign page; however, we will be giving regular updates celebrating the progress we are making in helping our church and community flourish.