District Assembly NDI Workshops

District Assembly NDI Workshops

The NDI workshops are designed to introduce and discuss the core principles identified by NDI as essential to the process of growing as a disciple of Christ. Join us as we explore and discuss practices, barriers, and resources that promote a discipleship growth culture in our unique communities.

NDI Workshops are presented twice, once at 10:15- 10:55am and again at 11 :00– 11:40am.
You will be able to attend two of the workshops described below.


Compassionate Outreach  Travis Caldeira, Lompoc

God is continually reaching out to prepare people’s hearts to receive salvation. Compassionate outreach reveals God’s love for humanity. It is a disciple’s care for non-believers, both local and global that places a face and hand to God’s grace and love.


Authentic Relationships Stephanie Rogers, Ridgecrest

The core of our faith and life is to love God and love others.  Everyone committed to the Great Commission should be engaged in relationships that honor God and edify the Body of Christ. Loving relationships help us walk the path of holiness as we receive both encouragement and loving correction.


Intentional Mentoring and Equipping -Kathy Cannon, Northridge

Mentoring and equipping is a discipleship process that introduces new believers to Jesus and reveals how to follow Him personally and fully. Also, mentoring and equipping others on the journey of discipleship is essential to Christian growth and maturity.


Fervent Prayer Jasmine Brenneman, Pasadena

Prayer is an essential part of discipleship. It is the bedrock upon which all other ministry efforts are built. As we pray, God inspires us to be actively engaged in the world. Through prayer, we participate in the Holy Spirit’s transforming power, both for ourselves and for our neighbor.