Dig Deeper – The Holy Spirit

This week our sermon series series covers baptism. But in this study we are looking deeper into the Holy Spirit. We were introduced to the Holy Spirit in week one – Triune God. This week we take a deeper look at the work of the Spirit of God from creation to recreation when Christ returns.



Genesis 5:1-5

The Spirit of God is first revealed to us in the creation story. Between verses 1 and 2 we see God creating the heavens and earth and the Spirit of God hovering above the creation. Father, Son and Spirit are one, and all were a part of creation ( See John 1:3, 14 for Jesus involvement in Creation). The Hebrew word translated here as Spirit is Ruakh, which is also translated elsewhere as breath or wind.

  • What are the properties that the Spirit, wind and breath all share? Why would those properties be an important part of creating the earth?

Exodus 31:2-6  2 Peter 1:20- 21  Ezekiel 36:26

The Spirit of God is able to fill those He has chosen and empower them to do what He has called them to do.

  • What did Bezalel receive from God when He was filled with the Holy Spirit? Why did God give him these particular skills? By the power of His Spirit, God gifts each of us to do what He calls us to do. Have you known someone whose particular gifts match perfectly with what God has called them to do?
  • What did Peter explain about the source a prophet’s message in 2 Peter 1:20-21? According to the Prophet Ezekiel, what change would there be in those who receive a “new spirit”?

MARK 1:10-12

At the time of Jesus’ baptism the Holy Spirit was seen descending on Him like a dove. The next thing we see the Spirit doing is leading Jesus into the desert (v.12)

  • If the Holy Spirit gives both wisdom and power (or strength), then being filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus was prepared for the temptation he would face in the desert.  How did Jesus demonstrate that He had wisdom and strength when tempted by Satan?

 JOHN 20:21-22  ROMANS 8:11

Not only did God’s Spirit give Jesus power during His earthly ministry, the power of the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead. In the upper room,  Jesus appeared after His resurrection to impart the Holy Spirit to His believers.

  • How did Jesus share the Spirit (Ruakh) with His disciples? How did Jesus’ commissioning of His disciples resemble His commissioning by God at the time of Jesus’ baptism?
  • Where does Romans 8:11 tell us the Holy Spirit resides? Consider the power it took to overcome death. That is the power available to you as a believer. What might you encounter in your life that you would need God’s power to overcome?


God has given us His Holy Spirit and the Spirit is not only a gift, but an essential part of the way we live a life of faith.

  • In Galatians 5:16 and 17 Paul describes the battle within us. The power of our sinful nature was broken and put to death, as symbolized at our baptism. But we still must daily choose not to sin and put ourselves back under its power once again. How does this passage describe the role of the Holy Spirit as we engage in this constant battle? What can we do so that the Spirit is effective in guiding our lives?
  • Paul gives us a good indicator of the Spirit’s influence in our lives. We call this the fruit of the Spirit. They are the graces produced in a believer’s life by God’s Spirit. Sometimes we see a better harvest of one than another of these fruits. Which of these do you see reflected most consistently in your own life? Which would you like to see God grow in you more?