Dig Deeper – The Bible

The Bible is in itself a small library of books, all of which emerged from the history of the people of ancient Israel. It is the most influential book in the history of Western and much of Eastern civilization. People have a lot of opinions regarding what it means, but let’s start with what it is.


Question 1

Why did God choose to reveal himself through the history, struggles, and meditations of one particular people situated in one particular corner of the earth?

Question 2

How did the diverse genres of poetry, letters, law texts and wisdom writings complement the narrative texts and thus contribute to our overall understanding of the overarching story? Why the diversity of genres?



What is the value in God revealing himself through texts spread over 1000 years and written by different authors?


What are the advantages or pitfalls to different Christian traditions including different lists of writings into the Bible?


Does this story continue on in Christian believers today? If so, how? If not, what is fundamentally different between the story of the Bible and the story of the church has lived out today?