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Origins • Adopting our family story

In many ways, we are a “story-less” people. We’ve allowed things like success, romance, and even tragedy provide the framework for our own story. In addition, we oftentimes see our story as a one-hit wonder, rather than a story that intersects with the stories of others…stories that weave together into the complex tapestry that form the human story. God desires to shape and transform these tapestries into a beautiful grand story that points the world to God’s goodness and love. So where does our story fit into God’s grand tapestry? Join us this fall as we learn to adopt the story of the Old Testament as our own family story. See how God has been working for thousands of years to write a beautiful novel full of trials and redemption, despair and inconceivable hope. More importantly, we’ll see ourselves in this story, and allow God to shape our narrative into an epic adventure that points directly at Jesus!

Both services are indoors and broadcast to our outdoor patio.

The 9am service will be live-streamed to YouTube, Facebook, and our website, and available to watch anytime after that.

Grow beyond the weekend

Dive deeper into the Old Testament this fall as we read through a devotional book together! We’ve purchased copies of “Invitation” by Brian D. Russell. You can purchase one on Sunday (or during office hours) for $10 and also a New Life journal for $5 to help you document your growth! We’ll also have videos to watch and questions to ponder each week. We can’t wait to jump in the deep end with you! Click the button below to see all the great ways to grow beyond the weekend this season!