Making the Bible Come Alive

Daily Life in the Times of Jesus

Making the Bible Come Alive is a series of classes taught by Pastor Dave Vasquez.
The current class is “Daily Life in the Times of Jesus.”

Join Pastor Vasquez in a journey of discovery about what life was really like during the days when Jesus physically walked the earth. Topics will include culture and community, daily household routines, government structure, religious life, travel, and more. Together we will discover the more we understand about the life and times of Jesus, the more his parables and teachings will come alive! We will learn valuable context which will enrich our faith and help us see God’s story of redemption in vivid color!

Previous sessions of “Making the Bible Come Alive” can be viewed on video by clicking here:
The Book: A Journey of Discovery About the Bible

Previous classes in this series are also available on video.
Clink the links below to view previous class sessions.
The Book: A Journey of Discovery About the Bible (Current series)
Great Digs: An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology (25 sessions)
Online Bible Study: How to Use Online Tools (7 Sessions)
Paul: The Man and His Mission (7 sessions)
In the Footsteps of Paul (9 sessions)
Israel 2017 A tour prep series on geography and history of the Holy Land (6 sessions)

THURSDAYS • 6pm • Zoom

starts January 6 • Please register to receive the Zoom link