This Week (2017-05-06) in JHM



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Happy Saturday!

I hope you had a festive Cinco de Mayo yesterday! Thanks for taking a couple minutes to catch up with JHM! Things have been super busy and I haven’t sent you an email in a while, sorry about that! We’ve had quite a few construction projects underway in student ministries to help make our facilities more awesome for our weekend worship service!

We have an exciting Sunday planned tomorrow! We hope you’ll spread the word and join us this Sunday at 11:00 a.m., Vertex cafe, to hang out and grab a snack before the service. Don’t forget, first time guests get a FREE BLENDED DRINK (normally $2.00) from our cafe and a chance to win COLD HARD CASH if they make the Impossible Shot! Invite someone new if you want and we hope to see you here tomorrow morning!


Zack Hinrichs
JHM Pastor

May 12th | 7-9pm | Dog Beach in Avila

If you are in a C-Group, be sure not to miss out on our end of year, C-Group bonfire! This will be a fun gathering of all our C-Groups one last time to celebrate the cool things God has done in our students lives this past year.

Weekend Worship Service / 11am / Vertex Cafe

Week 3 of Growing Up – is happening this Sunday! Join us for an understandable message about the 3rd key trait to Growing Up: Stewardship. What does that word even mean? Come this Sunday as we dive into God’s word to find out!


Its hard to believe C-Groups are almost over for the year! Each group will be throwing their own End of Year parties for one last hoorah!