My New Life (CCB)


If you are already a member of the Online Community, log in by clicking here.

Here are some of the things you will be able to do when you connect with the New Life Online Community:

Personal Profile. Manage your personal and family profile which includes standard address, phone, and e-mail information. Describe your spiritual gifts and interests. Post a picture of yourself. Control your privacy levels for sharing information with other online members.

People. Our online community is like a church pictorial directory. Locate other people in the church. See their picture. Find their address and phone number. E-mail them. Note: You control what information is shared with whom, and the system hides e-mail address while allowing you to mail.

Groups. Easily connect to groups in which you are involved, e.g., your small group. You can e-mail group members, check the group event calendar, post messages, even share event-planning information (like who is bringing what to the BBQ). Group leaders can schedule events and reserve church facilities online.

Calendar. Your personal calendar gathers events from all of your groups into one place. The church calendar lets you see events on the church calendar and access details about those events. You may subscribe to group calendars and export dates to your personal calendar program.

Finance. Check your current giving record and even print a giving statement. Now you can set up automatic giving from your home page.