Nursery Coordinator/KidsMin Volunteer Director

Nursery Coordinator/KidsMin Volunteer Director


Welcome to the New Life Nursery. Your child is special to us, and it is our desire to minister to his or her spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Our nursery receives children from birth through 48 months. Rooms are staffed by loving, caring, and trained workers and are divided by ages as listed below. Our desire is to teach children about God in the most caring and secure environment possible.

Saturday 7pm Sunday 9am Sunday 11am
Ages 0-3: Room 5
Ages 3-5: Room 2
Ages 0-1: Room 3
Ages 1-2: Room 4
Ages 2-3: Room 5
Ages 0-1: Room 3
Ages 1-2: Room 4
Ages 2-3: Room 5

Please register your children in Room 16 before bringing them to their classroom.

Nursery Info for Parents


Diapers are checked and changed regularly throughout the service. Please bring a diaper bag with it stocked up with diapers, wipes, clothes etc

Nursery workers are required to put on a new pair of gloves and to clean and disinfect their hands for each diaper change.

Bed linens and blankets are washed after each use. Toys, infant swings, and other equipment are cleaned and disinfected after each church service.


In consideration of other children and the nursery staff, we cannot accept children who are sick, display symptoms of sickness, or have received medication for infections or fevers within the last twenty-four hours. Symptoms of fever, diarrhea, coughs, colored mucous, or other signs associated with contagious diseases disqualify a child from entering the nursery.

Please respect the discretion of our staff. We care for the safety and well-being of all the children entrusted to us!


We give a snack and water during each servIce. If you want to bring your own snacks that is fine. We would prefer if you would also bring your own cup and bottle for the baby. Please make us aware of any allergies or concerns about food. We only feed crackers and pretzels.


A Nursing Mother’s room, equipped so you can nurse your child, change a diaper and rock your baby is located in the lobby area. This room is designated especially for nursing mothers and their babies. The room has a large window so you can watch the sermon and listen thru the speakers.

This is not intended to be a “cry room” and we ask that you respect the privacy of others in the room. We have provided a couple video monitors in the main lobby so that you may enjoy the service while tending to a fussy or crying baby.

Nursery Volunteers

New Life’s Nursery Ministry is staffed with qualified and trained staff and volunteers from our congregation. Our goal is provide excellent care and ministry in a clean and safe environment.

Each volunteer and staff member has completed an application and background check and is trained to do more than just “baby sit.” We use unique, creative, age-appropriate, and biblically-based curriculum designed to plant the love of God in our children’s’ hearts and minds. Our staff also has been CPR-certified and knows First Aid.

Your involvement in our classrooms is highly valued! If you’re interested in helping or getting involved, please contact Stephanie O’Reilly at 805-595-7825, or at the church at 805-489-3254 ext. 234.

As partners with you, helping you “train up your child in the way he or she should go,” we believe that your involvement in the ministry is critical to your child’s spiritual growth.

Also, check information about our security system.