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Daniel: Gaining God’s Perspective
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Daniel: Gaining God’s Perspective

New Life Lessons Application

“Daniel: Gaining God’s Perspective”


This week we begin a new series, Heroes on Mission, in which we will examine the lives several of individuals in the Bible. Each of these individuals can teach us something that we can incorporate into our own lives as we grow in faith and discipleship. This week we will discover what Daniel did to gain God’s perspective and how he applied that perspective to accomplish the mission God had given him.


Day One

Seeing and “seeing” Read Matthew 13:11-13

Think about what Jesus was doing with parables. There was a surface level story, but a deeper meaning for those who really looked. Similarly, we can simply observe our circumstances or we can “look beneath the surface” to understand what God is doing and His purposes in what we “see.” Choose a challenging circumstance in your life and think about what God is doing “beneath the surface.”

Pray. Ask God to help you see how He is working out His purposes in your current circumstances.


Day Two

Bringing light to life
Read Psalm 119:105, 130; John 1:1-5

The Bible uses the concept of darkness to illustrate ignorance, confusion, or lack of insight. Studying the Bible, we gain an understanding of God’s purposes, methodologies, etc. It “shines a light” on our experience. We begin to see the world the way God sees it. How has the Bible changed the way you see your world, your relationships and circumstances?

Pray. Ask God to show you how what you read in the Bible applies to your personal experience.


Day Three

Read Matthew 7:7-8; Jeremiah 33:3; Psalm 38:15

God invites us to ask him for help: insight, direction, provision, etc. He uses different means to answer us. Think of a time when you asked God for insight into a situation you were facing? How did He bring the answer? How have you become better at “hearing him.”

Pray. Ask God to help you to ask more and hear better.

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