Memorial Prayer Walk

Memorial Prayer Walk

Join us on Thursday, May 4th for the National Day of Prayer.

On this day our stations will focus on prayers for our nation.


Pastor Ron’s Vision

Before his passing, Pastor Ron envisioned a prayer walk in front of the New Life Worship Center along James Way. Part of a comprehensive re-landscaping plan for a campus filled with plants at the end of their life-cycle, the prayer walk uses drought-resistant vegetation to conserve water. It is aesthetically pleasing with sitting areas for small group meetings and a walking path where people can stroll while praying or reflecting. Seven “stations” can be labeled in different ways, like “stations of the cross” at Easter, “stops along the path to Bethlehem” at Christmas, or a “walk of the martyrs” for the Family Fall Festival.

Pastor Ron ended his letters with the phrase “leading on my knees.” Many remember him praying individually for specific requests from our people. He told us of laying on his face before God in morning prayer. We believe this is a fitting tribute to Pastor Ron’s passion for prayer and that it will encourage others to pursue prayer in their own lives.

Architectural drawings and estimated costs have already been developed for the walk, so the Church Board has chosen to proceed with this project as a memorial to Pastor Ron.

Project Update

The Prayer Walk was dedicated on Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. You can find photos and video on our Facebook Page.


Prayer Walk Donation

Your Contribution

You are invited to donate to this project in honor of Pastor Ron. The cost will be substantial so gifts of every size are appreciated. Please designate any gift to “prayer walk.” We can receive contributions of cash, securities, property, etc. To facilitate your contribution, we have set up an account for online giving. Please contact our bookkeeper for any help you need in facilitating your gift.


This project will complete re-landscaping of the area from the circular drop-off on the west (near the Education Center), across the front of the campus, and to the parking lot area on the east (near the Life Center). The design forms the basis for future renovation of the entire campus. Any funds received over the amount needed for this project will be used to re-landscape the rest of the campus.