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Hope for the World
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Hope for the World

New Life Lessons Application

“Hope for the World”


In our “Anchored” sermon series, we are investigating the various ways that our hope is an anchor for our souls.* The anchor of our hope, not only provides us with a firm and secure foundation, it also offers that same benefit to the world, if we will extend it. But how do we share our hope with the world? This study identifies three things that we can do to offer hope to a world that so desperately needs it.


Day One

Cultivate a HEART of compassion.
Read Luke 19:10; John 3:16-18; Luke 15:11-32

Without God’s intervention, none of us would have hope. Briefly, what is one seemingly hopeless situation that God has delivered you from? Now consider how you would have felt without God to rescue you from despair. Can you think of one person in your family or circle of friends who is not yet saved? That person still faces desperate situations without God. In Luke 15 Jesus tells the parable of the prodigal son. What was the reaction of the brother in verses 29 -30 when the prodigal returned? What was the reaction of the father? (verses 20, 31-32) Our heavenly Father is compassionate toward his lost children, and we can choose to be compassionate like the father or resentful and judgmental like the brother. What would you say is your greatest barrier to offering hope to your unsaved friend or family member?


Day Two

Demonstrate an ATTITUDE of acceptance.
Q2. Read Matthew 9:10-13; Luke 6:36-38, 41-42; Ephesians 2:11-13
Some of us have experienced a culture of guilt, shame and rejection. In Matthew 9:11 the Pharisees asked why Jesus associated with sinners. What was his reply? Not only was He extending mercy to the sinners, He desired that his followers also show mercy. How did Jesus reinforce this idea in Luke 6:36? What do verses 37 and 38 specifically tell us to do and not do? We cannot extend hope to the world if we do not first accept them. How do you make a person feel genuinely accepted without approving of their ungodly behavior?


Day Three

Communicate with a LIFESTYLE of service.
Read Matthew 25:35-37, 40; Luke 23:33-34a; Matthew 5:16

It has been said that we are the “hands and feet of Jesus” to the world around us. From Matthew 25:35-36, what practical acts of service will we be rewarded for? We don’t want to overlook the power of prayer to bring hope to someone in need of it. Who do you know that needs prayer for a hopeless situation? If appropriate, pray for them with your group. We have the honor and responsibility to represent Christ to the world. Encourage each other now by sharing how you have observed the servant-based character of Christ reflected in the life of one of your group members? How does that instill hope in you?

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