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Finding Hope in Injustice
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Finding Hope in Injustice

New Life Lessons Application

“Finding Hope in Injustice”


Sometimes we are challenged when trying to make sense of life in this world. Perhaps one of the most vexing questions we face is “Why does God allow His people to suffer injustice?” From the days of the first followers of Christ, there has been undeserved persecution and suffering amongst believers. Thankfully, we live in a place where we seldom experience such suffering. There are however, Christians even today, who suffer greatly for their faith. This study addresses the hope that can be found, even in times of injustice.

Day One

Commended by God
Read 1Peter 2:18-20; Matthew 5:11-12; 2Timothy 2:8-12; 4:6-8

Think back to a time when you received recognition for something positive you did. How did it make you feel when you received it? How does receiving a commendation motivate you for the future? How did Paul’s anticipation of Christ’s commendation motivate him? How does it motivate you?

Pray. Ask God to help you see mistreatment as an opportunity for God’s commendation.

Day Two

Conformed to Christ
Read 1Peter 2:21-23; Isaiah 53:7; Luke 23:34, 46-47

What is your initial reaction when you are mistreated? Anger? Retaliation? How did Christ’s response differ? What were his key responses? Picture yourself being mistreated and responding as Jesus did. How does it feel?

Pray. Ask God to help you respond to mistreatment as Jesus did.

Day Three

Converting others
Read 1Peter 2:24-25; Romans 12:19-21; 1Peter 3:1-2

Who is the person who has most mistreated you in your life? Have you forgiven them? Do you pray for them? Have you done good to them? Do you sincerely desire their salvation?

Pray. Ask God to give you a heart of compassion toward those who mistreat you. Ask him to make you an instrument of healing in their lives.

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