KinsMin Newsletter April 2017


  • Traci’s KidsMin Update
  • Upcoming Events
  • May Spotlight “Karen Boshart”
  • Bible Lessons: Early Childhood
  • Bible Lessons: Elementary
  • Admin Job Opening

Aren’t you glad that the Lord is our shepherd? There are so many times that I have felt like a lost sheep listening for my shepherd’s voice. I am so thankful that my shepherd hears me when I call and I can find him everywhere: In his Word, in worship, and especially in the faces of your children.

Your child’s response as they interact with their Sunday school teacher, the bible story activities from the Gospel Project Curriculum, and the large group worship songs are proof that they are engaging every week. It is our hope that they are continuing that momentum at home.

Each week your child’s teacher and the New Life Kid’s Min staff are committed to making the hour and half that your child is at church to be the best hour and half of their week. We strive to build relationships with them by having caring consistent teachers serve every Sunday.

As summer approaches, we are taking church to whole new level by offering great summer activities each month that will include our week-long Vacation Bible School the last week in July. If you would like to be a part of Sunday school or Vacation Bible School and you feel like it is your season to serve, please contact me at

Upcoming Events

June 4 • 12:30-2 pm • 6th Grade Bonanza/Vertex
June 11 • 9 & 11 am • KidsMin Promotion Sunday
June 25-July 1 • Hume Lake Camp/3rd-6th Grades

VBS at New Life Church
July 24-28

~Volunteers Needed: Please contact Tami

Karen Boshart

Karen currently serves twice a month in our Kids Ministry Tech Booth on Sunday mornings. We thought it would be fun to ask Karen a couple questions about herself to get to know her a bit more. Here goes… Karen has been attending New Life for six years, with four of those years serving in Kids Ministry. She had helped in the Tech Dept at her previous church and when she heard the call for help here in KidsMin, she felt God was calling her to serve in that way.

When Karen is not serving in KidsMin, she loves working with animals and has been in the veterinary field for 30 years. In her free time, she loves hiking, going to the beach, and hanging out with her husband and her dog, Gloria. She loves the hockey team, San Jose Sharks; and would love to learn to play the piano. A fun fact about Karen is that her Grandmother was a Pentecostal preacher. If stranded on a desert island, she would bring a fishing pole and fire starter; if she could only eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be bacon!

Karen’s two favorite scriptures are Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” and Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” She comes to us on Sundays with a great attitude and ready to serve with a smile. She is faithful, fun, and a true blessing. We love having her serve in KidsMin. Thank you, Karen, for all you do for our ministry.


Early Childhood
5/7 – Lesson 9 (Spiritual Growth Tools)
“Paul Tells About Jesus”
(Acts 16:9-15)

“Jesus said, ‘Go and tell the good news.’”
(see Mark 16:15)
Focus: I can tell the good news that Jesus loves everyone.

5/14 – Lesson 10 (Spiritual Growth Tools)
“Singing in Jail”
(Acts 16:16-34)
“Sing to God; tell of all his wonderful acts.”
(see Psalm 105:2)
Focus: I can sing songs that tell about Jesus.

5/21 – Lesson 11 (Spiritual Growth Tools)
“Paul Obeys God”
(Acts 21:17 – 22:30)
“I will obey God’s word.”
(see Psalm 199:17)
Focus: I can obey God’s Word and tell others about Jesus.

5/28 – Lesson 12 (Spiritual Growth Tools)
“A Boy Helps Paul”
(Acts 23:12-35)
“Do good to all people.”
(Galatians 6:10)
Focus: I can help and do good things for others.



5/7 Unit 21 – Session 3
“Jesus Met a Samaritan Woman”
John 4:1-42
Main Point: Jesus told the Samaritan woman He is the Messiah

5/14 Unit 21 – Session 4
“Jesus Rejected in Nazareth”
Luke 4:14-30
Main Point: Jesus explained that the Scriptures tell about Him

5/21 Unit 21 – Session 5
“Jesus and Zacchaeus”
Luke 19:1-10
Main Point: Meeting Jesus changed Zacchaeus forever

5/28 Unit 22 – Session 1
“Parable of the Sower”
Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23
Main Point: Not everyone who hears the gospel believes it

Job Opening

• Children’s Ministry Administrative Assistant Position
• Full-time; Monday through Friday
· Genuine care for families and children
· Able to assist preschool directors and elementary coordinator in an energetic setting
· Proficient in Mac and keyboard with creative design abilities for programs and outgoing print materials
· Must have great time-management, but the ability to be flexible to constant traffic
· Good communication skills both on the phone and in person
If you are interested, send resume to the Children’s Ministry/Preschool Director at


Saturdays at 6pm
(kids ministry for 0-K)

Sundays at 9am
(kids ministry for 0-6th grade)

Sundays at 11am
(kids ministry for 0-6th grade)


Education Building
Check-In (Rm 16)
Newborns/Crawlers (Rm 3)
Early Walkers (Rm 4)
2’s (Rm 5)
3’s (Rm 1)
Pre-K (Rm 2)
Kinder (Rm 12)
1st (Rm 11)
2nd (Rm 11)
3rd (Rm 14)

Life Center
Check-In (downstairs)
4th (upstairs in LC1)
5th-6th (downstairs)

with the team

Traci Bognuda
(KidsMin Director)

Debbie Krovious
(Team Administrator)

Tami Lundquist
Becky Ferini

(Nursery Coordinators)

DeLynn Wagner
(Early Childhood Coordinator)

Melanie Borum
(Elementary Coordinator)