Early Childhood


DeLynn Wagner, Early Childhood Director

Welcome to Early Childhood Ministries at New Life Church!

The purpose of our ministry is to partner with parents to help our children grow in their most important relationship, with God’s son, and to lay a solid Biblical foundation for them to grow spiritually throughout their life.

This is not just childcare. This is the most important thing we can do for our children in their life.

Early Childhood – First Time Visitors

Your child is a precious gift from God and we want to ease your anxiety about leaving them in our care. We realize that Sunday School may be your first experience ever being separated from your child, and we want to make it extremely positive for you and your child.

All of our loving volunteers are gifted with children and they have been interviewed and must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To ensure safety to your child our volunteers must complete a Live Scan fingerprinting at the Sheriff’s department in order to be allowed to work in the classroom.

So what does a Sunday look like?

Each class has a schedule to ensure consistency and flow from one activity to the next to hold the interest of young minds. Each week our children are taught a Bible Point that is reinforced by activities they choose to do that will cement their learning of the biblical truth at their level of understanding.

Then they will hear a story about the Bible point. Next they will watch a puppet show that teaches ways to apply the Bible Point to everyday life. They will receive a small snack, and then play outdoors on our playground if weather permits. If they choose, they will do a craft that reinforces the Bible Point of the day.

The children also participate in praise and worship. Most of all, they will have a lot of fun learning about God’s truths. And because our curriculum caters to every learning style and uses lots of repetition, they will go home knowing the Bible Point of the day!

The early childhood ministries are for ages 3 years to Kindergarten. We provide programs for all three services (Saturday evening and Sunday morning).

Early Childhood – Volunteers

We at New Life Church Early Childhood have multiple opportunities for you to serve. Our ministry is built upon our volunteers and there is always need for more help.

Here are some of the Area ministries that are needed:

  • Lead teacher
  • Shepherd teacher
  • Puppeteer
  • Worship leader
  • Large Group Teacher
  • Craft specialist
  • Jr. High age classroom Aid
  • High School age classroom Aid

Times and Locations

Saturday at 7:00pm, 3 year-olds – Kindergarten: in classroom #2

Sunday Morning at 9:00am and 11:00am services:

  • 3 year-olds: in classroom #1
  • 4 year-olds: in classroom #2
  • Kindergarten: upstairs in classroom #12
  • Early Childhood – Parents Info

    We provide excellent Bible-centered curriculum that our staff has been trained and equipped to use to teach your child in a fun, loving, and affirming environment. Our lessons focus on two educational principles; children learn by doing, and children learn through repetition. Our goal is for your child to leave knowing God’s truth and love every week.

    At New Life Church Early Childhood we believe that there are three basic truths every child needs in order to have a solid biblical foundation:

    • Reverence for God (and His Word).
    • Respect for God’s Authorities.
    • Regard for God’s People.

    We also believe that there are five things every child needs:

    • A really Big God they can trust no matter what.
    • Someone else who believes what they believe.
    • Another voice that says the same things their parents say.
    • Nosey parents who make it their business to know where their kids are spiritually.
    • Uncommon sense to help them make a wiser choice.


    New Life takes child safety seriously, each week your child will be checked in through our state-of-the-art computer security system. Each child will be given a printed nametag with the child’s, name, pager number (in case we need the parent during the service), and any allergy alerts. A corresponding tag will be printed for the parent and is essential for identification when you pick your child up from Sunday school.


    Our New Curriculum is Group’s Hands On Bible Curriculum. The basic premise of this curriculum is “1 Thing” helping our children to grow in their relationship with Jesus. It helps children know, love, and follow Jesus.

    The lessons teach like Jesus did. Starting with the Bible and using creative activities to help children experience God’s word and apply it to life. When children experience a Hands On Bible lesson they don’t just hear it. They DO It.

    This is called the R.E.A.L. approach to learning:

    R – Relational
    Group’s resources encourage learners to interact with each other, which makes learning more effective and helps build Christian friendships.

    E – Experiential
    With Group’s resources, learners, don’t just listen or read, they actually experience the lesson. So biblical principles stick with them up to nine times longer!

    A – Applicable
    Every resource incorporates life application because Christians should be both hearers and doers of the Word.

    L – Learner-Based
    Different children learn in different ways, so group’s resources provide a variety of methods to draw children closer to Jesus. Research shows people retain about 10% of what they hear or read. But they remember up to 90% of what they experience.