Leader Coaching

New Life is committed to making you the most effective small group leader you can be. To help you become more effective, the following people are available to coach you in various aspects of your leadership. One of our coaches is available at the COACHING TABLE in the lobby each Sunday between the 9:00 am and 11:00 am services to help.

Coach Type
Coaching Description
Contact Info

Skills Coach
Available to answer questions about group dynamics, situations that arise in your group, or to help you develop specific skills in facilitating your meetings
Jim Robinson, Ellen Robinson, Jenne Wilbanks, John Wilbanks,,,

Curriculum Coach
Available to help you select study materials suitable to the needs and maturity level of your group members
Patti Hopkins
489-3254 x 205,

Online Community (CCB) Coach
Available to help you utilize our church software system to effectively manage your group and communicate with its members
Patti Hopkins
489-3254 x 205,