Care and Counseling Ministries

Our church recognizes that wholeness and healing are vital to healthy relationships with God and others.  The Care & Counseling Center strives to provide a safe, supportive, and confidential  environment to aid in the spiritual and psychological health of individuals and families.  Our affordable and professional Christian counseling is available to the community as well as New Life  Church members and regular attenders. We offer individual, couple/marriage, teen, and family therapy in addition to pastoral and premarital counseling services.

The Care & Counseling Ministries is based on the Cities of Refuge in the Book of Numbers 35: 6-25.  God gave instructions to create these cities so people who have sinned against another accidentally would have a place to take refuge, and be protected until the high priest died. This ministry is dedicated to providing a safe environment where anyone who is struggling with relating to themselves, others, or God will find help and hope through the understanding that Jesus is the High Priest who died and forgives us; that we can be set free and find new ways to deal with life difficulties.

The Care Center also provides referrals to Support Groups for specialized struggles such as recovery from divorce, personal grief, weight loss, and more. We also provide referrals to reputable Christian licensed therapists in the geographical area. All Counseling services are scheduled by calling our Care & Counseling secretary, Merrie Biddison at 805-489-3254 ext. 500.

The Care Center also provides educational classes that address mental health issues and psychology.  Some of the classes offered are: Understanding Anxiety, Marriage Builders, Foundations,  Developing Spiritual Character, and more.  Contact the Care & Counseling secretary for a list of current classes and times.