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JANUARY 2018 | Happy New Year!

As we begin this new year, don’t look back with what could have been for 2017 but instead look ahead and pray that God will help provide you with direction and possibly even courage to move through 2018. You may find that what is important to God sometimes is far different than what you or I would recognize as a priority in our own lives. Instead of going with one of the traditional resolutions about eating healthier or exercising more, take some time today and in the days ahead to pray that God would speak to you about what is on His heart. As we quiet ourselves, He will speak and maybe in a surprising way you had not expected.Perhaps your resolution will come while looking outward; for example, look for ways to serve others in 2018 or practice ways to become more aware of God’s presence and then share your testimony with others. I have a friend who doesn’t write a resolution but instead she asks God to give her words; words like “Boldness” or “Generous”. Perhaps yours may be “Stillness” or “Forgiving”. Words that will become your anthem throughout 2018, words to live by, words that create action or lack-thereof if busyness keeps you from hearing God. Whatever your plan as you go into this new year, I pray that 2018 bring your family an abundance of happiness, health, and time spent together.

January’s Spotlight
Suzie Baugh

Suzie currently serves in both the 9:00 and 11:00 hour as one of our check-in greeters. Suzie has been at New Life church for 16 years, and serving in the Kids Ministry for 2 years now. Before joining the Kids Min team, Suzie has been involved in volunteering for the GLS choir and small groups. She is also currently working in the library with her good friend Mollie.

New Year’s Day
Monday January 1st | Offices Closed

Martin Luther King Jr Day
Monday January 15th | Offices Closed

Jared Hall – Illusionist & Comedian
January 6th | 7:30-8:30pm | Worship Center

Jared Hall is a modern-day comedian and illusionist that uses Biblical truth in a way that captures an audience of any age. Join us and invite all your friends!

Tickets are $5/person and can be purchased between services and online at

Just Sayin’
From Your Friendly Neighborhood Mom

I know that I have been holding onto so many fears and worries that are outside of my control that I want to be in control of, like the Thomas Fire going on for one example, or trying to keep my kids safe all day long but they still end up getting hurt somehow.

What if we lived our lives like a child and knew that our lives are secure in God’s hands? A child isn’t scared when they are in their parent’s presence.

Bible Lessons

Early Childhood
1/7 | Jesus Stops the Storm | PDF
1/14 | Jesus Heals a Blind Man | PDF
1/21 | Jesus Feeds 5,000 | PDF
1/28 | The Forgiving King | PDF

1/7 | Paul’s Conversion & Baptism | VIDEO
1/14 | Paul’s First Journey | VIDEO
1/21 | “The Message” Christ Alone | VIDEO
1/28 | Paul’s Second Journey | VIDEO

10 Indicators You’re A Kids Min Person!
Contact for info!!

Hoping to bring a smile to your face and heartfelt encouragement.
1. You feel pulled toward the toy department when you’re in Target
2. You know how to pray for healing for dogs, cats and goldfish.
3. You know the proper pronunciation for baptize is babbaptized.
4. You’re an expert at telling knock-knock jokes.
5. You know the name of at least 3 puppets.

Service Times

Saturdays at 6pm | Kids Ministry for 0-K
Sundays at 9am | Kids Ministry for 0-6th grade
Sundays at 11am | Kids Ministry for 0-6th grade

Classroom Locations
Education Building & Life Center

Education Building Life Center
Check-In (Rm 16) Check-In (Downstairs)
Newborns/Crawlers (Rm 3) 1st – 3rd Grades (Life Center)
Early Walkers (Rm 4) 4th – 6th Grades (Upstairs)
2’s (Rm 5) 3″s (Rm 1)
Pre-K (Rm 2)
Kinder (Rm 14)

Connect with the TEAM
Phone: (805) 489-3254

Traci Bognuda (Kids Min Director)
Dana Hutsko (Volunteer Coordinator)
Tami Lundquist (Childcare/Elementary Coordinator)
Melanie Borum (Kids Worship Coordinator)
Delynn Wagner (Early Childhood Coordinator)
Becky Ferini (Nursery Coordinator)
Auzia Clark (Team Administrator)

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